About Wildlife Global Conservation

My name is Benson Kamau, and I am originally from a small village in Kenya called Gathiga Village. This is a place where wild animals are always close and where the value of helping and caring for people is instilled. My time growing up in Gathiga inspired me to seek to help people and wildlife in any capacity that I can, and this motivated me to create this website for “Wildlife Global Conservation”.

I graduated from IUPUI with a science degree, and I found that this nurtured further my interest in and love of wildlife. I have also come to believe that the future success of conservation requires that we find ways to use technology in order to protect wild animals, their habitats, and the people who depend on them.

My goal is to conserve, protect, and save wild animals and their ecosystem from extinction, protecting them from poaching, deforestation, and human activities. I understand that conserving and protecting wildlife not only protects animals but also protects the communities that live with them.

I want to work with anyone in protecting wildlife, and this website is geared to help and assist communities and their wildlife through donations, volunteering, etc., but with a conscious commitment to include the communities in rural areas or the countryside that don’t have opportunities or resources like cities and towns. I want this website to make a special effort for the less fortunate people in society so that they benefit alongside others.