Wildlife Global Conservation

Welcome to my Global World Conservation website! It is dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation through sharing and collaboration.

I am Benson Kamau of the United States. Currently, my personal focus is on educating myself, and this effort has provided the original content of this website.

Protection, saving, and conservation of wildlife requires world-wide efforts, and that is why I would love to work with anyone in this global challenge. Please find my contact information below.

Originally from Kenya, I was born and raised in this land known for its “Big Five” – lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African buffalo, and African bush elephant – and for its numerous wildlife reserves and national and marine life parks. Living in a country where everyone is always so close to wild animals and nature inspired my original interest in protecting, conserving, and saving these animals and their habitats.

While I was studying science at university with a focus on healthcare, my interest in wildlife conservation continued. With this website, I am beginning to act on this interest.

I believe that wildlife brings happiness to the world, and, together, I hope that we can work to protect all species and their ecosystems so that we can bring this joy to the entire world. And I believe that our
work is to work with anyone in the conservation and protection of wildlife on all parts of the planet.

I invite anyone to contact me about wildlife conservation either to share their own interests or to suggest possible opportunities for collaboration to advance this cause.

Terrestrial or Land Animals

The world has great land animals that must be protected from poaching and extinction. All of Earth’s continents have magnificent animals.

Marine Life

Thousands of ocean species, like sharks, whales, manta rays, cuttlefish, and dolphins, need to be protected.


Some amphibians are salamanders (urodela), axoloti, cryptobranchoidea, anura (frogs) diplocause, apode (caecilians), and fejervaryaraja. Amphibians live on land and in water; specifically, freshwater lakes and seas, oceans, and land that is terrestrial, fossorial, and arboreal. Amphibians are unique and beautiful creatures that have been studied extensively. Amphibians are cold blooded, only have three larval and adult stages, make sounds or vocalize, are vertebrates, and are able to breathe via their slimy, smooth skin and lungs.

Sea Mammals


African Wildlife

Africa’s beautiful ecosystems are full of species. The continent has a lot of tourism because of the Big Five: lion (Simba), black rhinoceros, Africa bush elephant, leopard, and African buffalo. These animals face poaching, deforestation, and extinction. Our future will be negatively affected if we don’t act now; this is akin to our tardy efforts to prevent global warming. We must work together to protect all species.

Examples of animals found in Africa are: